Flour Sack Hacks: Fun And Easy Craft Ideas Using Flour Sack Towels

If you are searching for creative gift ideas or simply want to design crafts to decorate your home, look no further than flour sack towels. Once popular, flour sack towels were repurposed by homemakers for making practical items to use around the house. Purchasing a set of flour sack towels is the first step to having endless crafting and design possibilities at your fingertips.

Café curtains

Flour sack towels can be used to make café style curtains that are inexpensive and can be personalized to match any design theme. Flour sack towels already contain hems along all sides, so all you need to do is fold over the top about an inch or two and stitch a seam to make a pocket for your curtain rod. Decorate your curtains with stencils or embroidery to dress them up or dye them in the color of your choice.

Ombre dyed towels

If you enjoy a splash of fun color, turn flour sack towels into a fun accent for your bathroom or kitchen. The ombre effect is accomplished by dipping the end of a plain white towel into a dye of your choice. Let dry and dip again, immersing the towel further with each dip and allowing it to dry between each dipping session to create a light-to-dark color pattern.

Decorative pillowcases

Stitch two flour sack towels together to create a pillow for your sofa or bed. Stencil the towel to coordinate with your decorating theme for the room or dye the towel a bright shade if you need to add a pop of color to a neutral room. For accent pillows, add some bling by sewing on sequins or a few colorful tassels.

Wall art

Unleash your creative spirit by turning a flour sack towel into an art canvas. Whether you choose to paint your canvas or use simple stencils, you can design a unique piece of art to display in your home or give as a gift. Mount your completed art piece by stretching it over a board and securing it with staples or have it framed to show off your artistic talent.

The great thing about flour sack towels is their versatility. You can make something as simple as a stenciled towel or as elaborate as a detailed embroidered wall hanging. With a stack of flour sack towels on hand, you will be able to create a quick gift to give a friend or design a decorative piece you use in your home for minimal cost. Contact a craft supplier for more information about flour sack towels.

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