3 Tips To Properly Frame A Picture

The frame of a picture is just more than a tidy border. It can add to the value of a picture and help to enhance it, and so selecting the right frame is important. Here are some tips to help you find the right frame for your pictures. 

Focus on the Picture

Before starting your search for a frame, you need to take an assessment of the picture that is being framed. You need to know what the medium is, whether or not it is casual or formal, and what you want to accomplish with the piece. For instance, if the picture is brightly colored, you could look for a frame that is neutral to help tone down the colors. 

Assessing your picture before framing is important because it can help you narrow down your framing choices quickly since certain frames tend to favor certain pictures. For instance, a traditional watercolor landscape would fit perfectly with a carved wood frame. 

Pick a Location to Hang the Picture

Another important factor to consider in choosing a frame is the location in which you plan to hang it. Some spaces require a more dignified style, while others are more fun. 

If you are planning to hang the picture in your living room, take into account all of the furnishings in the room. You want to pick a frame that complements the existing décor and not clashes with it. The same applies if you are hanging the picture in your office. 

Do Not Forget the Mat

The mat that you choose for your picture is as equally important as the frame. The mat can distract from the picture if it is not the right choice. The idea of the mat is to accentuate the picture and help the frame draw attention to a focal point. 

There are several different types of mat available, including an accent mat. The accent mat is designed to help the subject pop in a picture. For instance, a mat that is designed for an 11x14 frame, but used on an 8x10 picture quickly pulls the eye to the subject. For even more attention, a white mat can draw distance between the frame and the picture. 

Choosing the right frame can take time and you might have to try several, but it is worth it. Consult with a framing service to receive professional help in finding a frame that is perfect. 

Visit websites like this one, or local frame stores, for more about this topic.

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